Weapon Mosaic Set: Poisoned Dragon Dagger

Brick Escape

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Build and showcase your own arsenal of OSRS inspired weapons with our complete 101 piece Poisoned Dragon Dagger LEGO Mosaic set!

Our Weapons Mosaic Series was designed to give gamers the opportunity to equip their favorite combat gear and celebrates the iconic designs of classic OSRS weapons. LEGO Mosaics are 2D models that bring images to life, and our Old School Runescape-inspired designs are sure to help you remember your favorite people, places, and items across Gielinor.

This design is based on the classic spec weapon of choice, the DDS, the backbone of every PKers loadout! Bring one of the most iconic sprites to life, and make sure you never forget your DDS again. And you won't need to worry about getting 60 Attack or completing The Lost City Quest to create this model because our sets come with everything you need to get building right away.

What’s included with your purchase:

  • 101 genuine LEGO pieces
  • Flashdrive containing all digital downloads: 
  • PDF of set instructions
  • Parts list in .io format for easy brick sourcing
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