Where Can I Buy LEGO Bricks?

While we are happy to make prebuilt kits available for certain designs, that may not be the easiest solution for everyone. Fortunately, in addition to official LEGO “Pick-A-Brick” options, there are a number of ways to find the right brick!

We recommend the following third party sites:

Bricklink – It’s the best place to buy Lego pieces. You will find almost all Lego pieces in existence for sale. It’s like eBay but for Lego parts. It is now owned by the Lego Group. We hope to eventually establish a presence on this site.

Brick Owl – an alternative to Bricklink, not as widely used as Bricklink.  

Check out this helpful video for more guidance:

How Do I Order My LEGO Bricks?

In addition to instructions that list each part number and quantity which can be used with one of the above websites to find the brick you are searching for, we provide a .XML or .io file that can be directly uploaded to either Bricklink or Brick Owl. This will automatically search for all the bricks you need, letting you select the shipping options that work best.

Check out this helpful video for more guidance:


If you have any difficulty buying bricks, or using the purchased files, we are more than happy to help you. Just send us an email at legorunescapeshop@gmail.com.