The Culina-Brick-Mancer

Brick Escape

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Build and own a model of Runescape's most iconic Quest Boss with our Culina-Brick-Mancer LEGO Model inspired by the Recipe for Disaster quest! 

The Culinoromancer from the Recipe for Disaster quest is a quintessential aspect of OSRS game progression, giving players access to an array of strong gear -- like the barrows gloves -- and great in-game perks, both cosmetic -- like the hambone -- and practical like the Lumbridge basement bank store. The Culino-Brick-Mancer is the ultimate test for fans wanting to show they've proved themselves not just in Gielienor but in the real world as well! 

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What’s included with your purchase:

  • 124 Genuine LEGO bricks necessary to build your model Culino-Brick-Mancer
  • PDF of set instructions and a Brickescape Flashdrive
  • Parts list in .xml AND .io format for easy brick sourcing of all pieces for future use

Design by: DrBrickheadz 

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