The Cube Child

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Build and own your own Cube Child with our complete 81-piece Cube Child LEGO Model set!

How can a product be new.... and improved? The Cube Child set is a celebration of Old School RuneScape’s silliest characters and the perfect company for gaming! From dank memes to slayer quests, Gielinor is better off with everyone’s favorite pointy-eared, green-hatted friend! As Old School Runescape reignites our passion for medieval click simulators, we hope that this set helps you connect with the game anew. 

What’s included with your purchase:

  • 81 genuine Lego pieces
  • Flashdrive containing all digital downloads:
  • PDF of set instructions
  • Parts list in .xml format for easy brick sourcing

We take pride in sourcing 100% Genuine LEGO bricks for all of our sets and assembling each set by hand to guarantee satisfaction. 

Design by: Pingu Bricks

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