LEGO Nexo Knights, The Book of Monsters

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Unlock a world of adventure with LEGO Nexo Knights The Book of Monsters! Build a formidable team of heroes and battle Jestro and his evil clowns for legendary Nexo Powers or find inspiration for your next fantasy creation. Immerse yourself in thrilling stories and epic battles, and recreate the scariest monsters throughout the land of Gielinor. Take control of your future and become a champion of Knighton or your own LEGO Runescape World! 

"For over 100 years, the kingdom of Knighton was a peaceful place, until The Book of Monsters escaped from his prison. Stuffed to the spine with page after page of the most fearsome monsters imaginable, The Book of Monsters fights the NEXO KNIGHTS team by summoning bad guys from within. And now, the Book of Monsters from the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS television series and toys can be in your hands! Look inside to learn all about the vile villains who threaten Knighton and about the valiant NEXO KNIGHTS who fight to stop them! Part guidebook, part artifact: this is the real-life Book of Monsters, the archenemy of the NEXO KNIGHTS team!"

Product Description

Publisher: Scholastic 2016

Authors: Mark Hoffmeier &John Derevlany

Length: 96 Pages


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