LEGO Knights Kingdom: Medieval Mischief and Mayhem [Comic]

Brick Escape

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Are you ready for an adventure of medieval mischief and mayhem? Join the brave knights of LEGO Knights Kingdom and experience the thrill of a lifetime! Get ready to battle evil forces and topple castles, all while enjoying colorful and inspired visuals! Experience an unforgettable tale of daring and courage with this comic today! 

"In a clearing deep inside the Dark Forest stands Lion Castle, where the good King Leo reigns with his wife Queen Leonora. Life at the castle would be a dream come true were it not for Cedric the Bull and his gang of evil robbers who hide out in the forest.  Cedric has only one mission in life - to take over King Leo's castle and banish him and his family to a distant land..."

This comic is full of exciting and action-packed moments inspired by the LEGO Knights Kingdom theme. With five stories filled with humor, adventure, and medieval mayhem, it's sure to be a hit with LEGO fans of all ages. An ideal way to encourage imaginative play, this comic features a variety of colorful characters and artwork that is sure to bring boundless adventure and entertainment.


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