LEGO Knights Kingdom [GBA Game]

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If Runescape just won't scratch your nostalgic itch, come check out LEGO Knights Kingdom for the Game Boy Advance and bring the adventure to a whole new world. Become a hero knight and venture into the Citadel of Orlan on a quest to find the magical Shield of Ages. Lego Knights' Kingdom tests your combat skills against Vladek, the Dark Knight, and his fearsome army of Shadow Knights. Overcome your enemies, along with challenging puzzles and mini-quests. As one of five knights, you'll soon compete against Vladek himself in a grand tournament that will decide the fate of the Kingdom forever.

The player controls one of four characters, with only one character being controlled at a time. The character runs through a series of nine levels, attacking Shadow Knights and solving tasks along the way. The player collects shields in levels as a form of health: upon being hit by an enemy or harmful obstacle, the player's health will deteriorate. Upon dying, the player will fall back onto the ground.

The game also includes a tournament arena mode, where the characters compete against each other in three modes: Hand to Hand Combat, Jousting, and Sword Lightning Combat. In tournament mode, the player can play as one of five knights from the Knight's Kingdom action figure line: Jayko, a blue-armored knight with a hawk crest; Danju, a purple-armored knight with a wolf crest; Rascus, a green-armored knight with a monkey crest; Santis, a red-armored knight with a bear crest; and Lord Vladek, the black-armored antagonist who bears a scorpion crest.

Lego Knights' Kingdom was developed by Razorback Developments and published by THQ. THQ announced the game in a press release on 29 April 2004. Own your copy of the vintage classic today!



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