LEGO Creator: Knight's Kingdom [PC Video Game]

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Discover a world of adventure and enchantment with LEGO Creator: Knight's Kingdom! Unveil a magical Lego Castle and battle heroic knights as you embark on a captivating quest in a world of fantasy and wonder to rival that of Gielinor. Embark on an epic journey today to relive the nostalgic fun of your favorite fantasy video game. Create a world of medieval adventures! Product InformationLego Creator Knights' Kingdom puts you in charge of building a fantastical virtual 3D kingdom of medieval adventure in which you then role-play scenes of centuries long ago.

Interacting with King Leo's bravest warrior (and your helper) Richard theStrong build brick-by-brick in the Olde Worlde Workshop or alternatively use larger castle and vehicle parts to create on a more grand scale. Then select battalions of the King's heroic knights and legions of evil Cedric the Bull'sforces to see your creation e to life with scenes of conflict and destruction. Add to the epic atmosphere by introducing a dragon or two putting mini-figures on horses assembling siege towers and even choosing the weather and time of day. Finally, drive or fly around your new kingdom and see what it looks like from a minifigures own perspective.

Can you rise to the challenge oh brave one? Product Highlights Create your very own medieval kingdom of adventure role-playing scenes from the past with fun Lego mini-figures. Enlist the help of brave warrior Richard the Strong as you enter a land where you have the power to shape history. Will good conquer evil? It's entirely up to you. Design and build the castle select battalions of King Leo's Heroic knights and watch them do battle against evil Cedric the Bull.

Construct siege towers to rescue the fair damsel and at all times beware the dragon! Product Features Place wise King Leo ruler of the Kingdom on his throne Richard the Strong the King's bravest warrior is your in-game helper Her Majesty Queen Leonora a kind and honorable lady adored by her people Interact with Richard the Strong as he guides you through the first challenges No Medieval Kingdom is complete without a dragon Video cut scenes help you through the tutorial challenges Have fun with the Destructa brick - deconstruct in half the time it took you to construct Build your own models brick by brick


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