Brickz Brothers Model: Verac the Blocklike

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Build and own your favorite brother inspired by the crypts of Morytania with our complete 103 piece Verac the Blocklike LEGO Model set!

The Brickz Brothers set is an ode to the countless chests looted to no avail and the myriad of wights slain in the quest of getting what, back in our day, was some of the best gear in the game. As Old School Runescape reignites our passion for medieval click simulators, we hope that these builds will help you relive the excitement of getting those first pieces of armor for the first time!

Celebrate completing your logbook with the whole set! Available characters include Ahrim the Brickbody; Dharok the Blocky; Guthan the Brickish; Karil the Blockish; Torag the Boxy; and Verac the Blocklike.

What’s included with your purchase:

  • 103 genuine LEGO pieces
  • Flashdrive containing all digital downloads:
  • PDF of set instructions
  • Parts list in .io format for easy brick sourcing

We take pride in sourcing 100% Genuine LEGO bricks for all of our sets and assembling each set by hand to guarantee satisfaction. 

Design by: @DrBrickheadz

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