Whats Up With LEGO Castles?!

Whats Up With LEGO Castles?!

LEGO has produced scores of sets featuring a variety of concepts and designs, the core of which are a handful of featured “themes”. One of the original concepts, and most lasting themes from the company’s early years has been the “Castles” series of minifgures, sets, and designs. So popular has this theme become that it has remains one of the major categories for MOC builders and fan creations continue to impress dedicated and peripheral fans alike. Given the clear overlap between mediaeval click simulators and medieval brick building we thought it would be helpful to give a brief rundown on the history of this theme as well as share some resources and designs that have inspired our own creations! 

Some of the “Top Posts” from r/LegoCastles subreddit that show the ornate detail and massive scale of some user castle creations.

Castle is one of the first themes of LEGO introduced in 1978 along with Town and Space. It centers around medieval life, involving knights and castles, but it also incorporates popular fantasy elements, as it saw many changes over the years. The theme is the third longest-lived in LEGO history, on par with Town and Trains [1]. Many books, both official releases and fan made content have contributed to the Castles theme with “The LEGO Castle Book” being one of the most popular MOC guides available for sale [2].

 The major themes of LEGO Castle were medieval-themed sets featuring castles, knights, horses, and other elements of medieval life. These themes were incorporated into a variety of sets, including:

Castles: These sets included elaborate castles with functional drawbridges, walls, towers, and other structures. They also often included minifigs such as knights, soldiers, and other medieval characters.

Kingdoms: These sets included multiple buildings and structures, such as castles, marketplaces, and stables, that could be combined to create a larger kingdom. These sets often included a variety of minifigs and other elements, such as horses and dragons, to help create a complete medieval world.

Battle Sets: These sets focused on medieval battles, such as sieges and jousting tournaments, and often included a variety of minifigs, horses, and other elements to help recreate the action.

Fantasy Sets: These sets incorporated elements of medieval life with elements of fantasy, such as dragons and wizards. These sets often included elaborate structures and a wide variety of minifigs and creatures. 

LEGO Castle was known for its intricate and detailed sets, as well as its wide range of minifigs, accessories, and other elements which is why its is one of the best places to start exploring how to bring the Old School Runescape world to life! One of our early inspirations for starting this project was a reddit user named GoPewds2018 who created a LEGO style digital rendering of the famous Lumbridge Castle [3]. And it seems like we weren’t alone as user created designs and a parts list to bring this vision to life, available on Rebrickable [4]. And for those looking to dive into playing with Castle themed creations we have a number of products that would be perfect, so check out our store and bring your OSRS fantasy to life!




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