OSRS in Writing: A Review of The Runescape Trilogy by T S Church

OSRS in Writing: A Review of The Runescape Trilogy by T S Church

Today gamers can find a bounty of fan made content inspired by Old School Runescape, but back in the early days of the game merchandise was a lot more scant. In fact, one of the earliest and most memorable examples of fan content generated a lot of buzz and even some controversy when it was first announced. For those who don’t know the story a newly minted Runescape player named T S Church decided to write a series of books exploring the lore and landscape of Gielienor as a way of sharing his excitement about game and reading [1]. 

Fans would bombard TS Church with questions on the Runescape forums expressing an array of opinions about the books from excitement to dismay [2] when Church would announce his initial book, “Runescape: Betrayal at Falador”. However, overtime Jagex and the community began to rally around his writing and contributions which would lead to him writing two more books about Gielienor: “Runescape: Return of Canifis” and “Runescape: Legacy of Blood” that keep the story going [3].

Loved by veteran fans, and an amazing introduction into the world of Old School Runescape there is so much to enjoy about these books. For the team at Brickescape, the story behind the books has been equally inspiring as we continue designing new creations to celebrate the game and community we love!

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