On The Mindfulness of Rote Activities, or Why I Play Medieval Click Simulators and Like to Stack Tiny Blocks.

On The Mindfulness of Rote Activities, or Why I Play Medieval Click Simulators and Like to Stack Tiny Blocks.

There are lots of ways to play, and lots of ways to play Runescape. Leisure is a personal adventure and requires striking a balance between relaxation and mental stimulation.

"Any repetitive activity — embroidering, sweeping, or, yes, clicking together Lego bricks — can help strike the right balance between mental engagement and relaxation, said Carrie Barron, director of the Creativity for Resilience Program at the University of Texas at Austin’s Dell Medical School. 'To focus singularly on a task is a form of mindfulness.'” [1

Competition is an aspect of any multiplayer game, but we don’t have to sacrifice leisure for competitive success. And it’s probably okay to stop trying if you are only a casual player. Get the fire cape on your schedule, Barrows gloves at your pace. Runescape should be a fun experience, and while that doesn’t mean you can’t grind for that max cape or complete that pet log, just make sure that these goals are part of your play and not anything else. 

A break without taking a break. Stay connected with your favorite game, but give your wrists a rest by building a MOC and blasting some Sea Shanty 2. This can help you avoid burnout, and also help you deal with in-game-related stressors like Fishing Trawler or the cluster headache that is the Ferox Enclave. There is a therapeutic benefit to using LEGOs studies indicate [2]

While accomplishing goals seems like the most important thing, and you should feel good about your progress even if it's a distraction or an escape from other responsibilities or commitments, it's all about balance. Don’t forget to make friends, challenge yourself in fun and safe ways, and remember that how you approach Runescape can translate into how you approach the rest of life. 


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