Mind Your MiniGames: A Tiny History of The Most Fun Activities in Runescape

Mind Your MiniGames: A Tiny History of The Most Fun Activities in Runescape

More often than not debates about what kind of play style is best miss the point. Discussions about whether Runescape is a better Skilling game and that the game is all about end game Player vs. Monster or Player vs. Player content ignore the real treasure in this nostalgic masterpiece of a click-simulator, that being the glorious joy of simple MiniGames. From Gnome Slider Puzzles to Treasure Trails and everything in between, Old School Runescape is simply a wellspring of interactive and enjoyable games that most players are under appreciating. At Brickescape, we believe that enjoying Runescape means more than just maxing a skill or slaying a monster, it means immersing yourself into the world of Gielinor and one of the most enjoyable way of doing that is exploring the easter eggs and fun surprises that are scattered around the game.

 Old School RuneScape (OSRS) MiniGames have been a staple of the game since its inception, with the first MiniGame being Pest Control, which was released in 2004 [1]. Over time, the number of MiniGames has grown, and they now include a wide range of activities, from combat-focused games like Castle Wars and Clan Wars to skill-based games like Fishing Trawler and Rooftop Agility. MiniGames have evolved over the years to keep up with the changing tastes of the player base and the development of the game itself. For example, the introduction of new skills like Construction and Hunter allowed for the creation of MiniGames like Pyramid Plunder and Battle staves, which challenge players to use their newly acquired abilities. Additionally, MiniGames that were once considered simple or basic, such as Fishing Trawler, have been updated with new content and mechanics to keep them fresh and exciting for players [2].

 Overall, OSRS MiniGames continue to be a popular part of the game and a great way for players to take a break from the main questing and grinding activities. Whether you're looking to compete against other players, test your skills, or just have a bit of fun, there's a MiniGame out there for you [3]. And as an added bonus, Jagex introduced the MiniGame teleport. This teleport allows players to quickly travel to any of the available MiniGames, making it easier and faster to participate in the games. The MiniGame teleport can be accessed through the magic Spellbook or through certain items, such as the MiniGame Group Finder, which gives players a quick and convenient way to get around the map and connect with other players [4].

 In a sense, BrickEscape has tried to build on this legacy by bringing the same feeling of excitement and fun into our own product development. Building with LEGO is hugely fun, and you can always add challenges like time constraints to increase the difficulty and enjoyment of your play. So next time you are waiting for our MiniGame Teleport Timer to reset, think about what else you could be doing with that time inside and outside of the game. And now check out our latest product – BrickDraw! – an ode to the classic quest-locked MiniGame “RuneDraw”, and test your luck while reliving one of the silliest quest lines in the game. 



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