Making Your Own Brickheadz: An interview with Dr. Brickheadz

MOC, is a phrase that means “My Own Creation” and is often used by AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO) to describe their unique builds and designs. MOCs are a fun way to explore both LEGOs and other interests as there is no limitation on what you can dream up and build with LEGOs. We really liked the nostalgic feelings that Old School Runescape brought back in all of us, which is why we created these designs and buildable sets with the community. We know everyone's experience in Gielinor so we wanted to share some resources for folks who are inspired by our designs but want to create something else! 

The Brickescape Team have developed a couple of our own MOCs, but we have also worked with expert LEGO designers to create the most exciting, and engaging buildable models. One of our favorite designers, Dr. Brickheadz was essential in helping bring our vision for The Brickz Brothers alive! Dr. Brickheadz decided to sit down with us for an interview on making designs, video games, and the joy of creative hobbies!   

How did you get interested in LEGO?

  • My grandma gave me my first set one Christmas (lego bucket). I spent most of my childhood getting sets and adding parts to my ever-growing bucket. After a few years in the dark ages and finally having money of my own, I was able to return to the hobby with a completely different approach, but the love and the fun is still there!


What's your favorite LEGO-related memory?

  • I went to a shopping mall with my best bud one summer, and they just happened to have an official LEGO contest (Star Wars Galactic Challenge) right then and there. I signed up and came back another day. I went through 2 or 3 rounds along the course of several days, winning them and winning sets as prizes. I passed and won a free trip to the finals for my dad and me. I lost, but got lots of (free) sets and an awesome memory. I also kept the ship that got me in the finals!


How did you get into designing MOCs?

  • I think it's the natural course of a LEGO fan. Using what you have to build other stuff. I started building to make a name for myself out on the internet and have people see my work!


What is your favorite official set? 

  • It has to be The Ultimate Batmobile from The Lego Batman Movie. Every vehicle is an amazing build, the Batmobile from this super-vehicle is my favorite from the whole series, and the way they all come together to make one big Batmobile is INGENIOUS.


Why do you design Brickheadz?

  • I started building them for a Brickset contest. I built over 100 thinking one of them should be good enough. Looking back most of them were pretty bad and I obviously didn't win anything. 2 years later, I was inspired to start building them again. People started asking for instructions, money started coming in, so now it's hard to stop!


How do you develop new techniques/do you have any tips and tricks you’re willing to share?

  • It's hard for me to give specific tricks here, but I am not in any way against sharing. The biggest tip I can give is to just push yourself. Every new technique I have integrated from other builders or even come up with myself has been due to necessity. If you always stick to what you know and steer away from harder stuff, you will never improve. Also, learn to take criticism, another set of eyes on your work can give you more perspective.


Are there any projects you are currently working on that excite you? Anything you have planned? 

  • I am nearing 700 Brickheadz on my instagram account and I want to reach 1000 eventually. I still have many more planned out but I need even more ideas anyway. In all honesty I also want to break out from BHz and have several Ideas projects on my mind, I want to get on them eventually! (Due to the nature of Ideas projects, the topic remains a secret!)

This article is the first in what we intend as our “​​LEGO Design Series” where we share tips, tricks, and resources to help you realize your building ambitions. And of course, if you are on the fence about whether LEGO can be as fun as we suggest, we hope that you will check out any one of our numerous MOC sets and see what fun awaits! 
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