LEGO Weapons: What's the Controversy?

LEGO Weapons: What's the Controversy?

LEGO is famous for marketing sets for all ages, yet some researchers have noticed that violent themes have become more popular [1]. But the history of weapons in LEGO sets shows us how diverse and creative this new theme has been on LEGO creatives. “In 1978, Lego weapons were introduced into the Lego Castle theme, which included a sword, a halberd and a lance. Other Lego themes were released in later years which included weapon elements. In 1989, the Lego Pirates theme introduced handguns and cannons, and this trend continued with Bionicle sets in 2005 and 2006” [2]. 

Most of these expansions have been efforts by LEGO to appeal to various fan groups, with the Star Wars LEGO sets being some of the most iconic examples of new weapons and types of builds. When we started making our Runescape inspired LEGO MOCs our vision was to celebrate all the beauty and wonders of Gielinor. This has meant embracing the unique weapons and creatures that defined our playing experience. Our Weapon Series of MOSAICs is an opportunity to artfully capture your favorite gear, and bring your Runescape adventure to life!

Fantastical conflict is a backbone of the lore we have all come to love and appreciate, and similar to LEGO’s response to critics we at Brickescape believe that imagination is an important tool for conflict resolution and creative problem solving! Next time you are feeling worked up after playing OSRS we encourage you to distract yourself with a fun outlet, like one of the many Mosaics, MOCs, and other Monster LEGO designs. 


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