Five Tips for Fantasy LEGO Designs

Five Tips for Fantasy LEGO Designs

We are always getting requests to make new designs, and simply can’t find the time to make every amazing creature in the Runescape Universe. Because of this we wanted to share some helpful resources and tools that we’ve found productive in our efforts to bring the world of Gielinor alive! While it's impossible to become a Brick Master overnight, and it can get easy getting dissuaded by some off the expert creators in the MOC (My Own Creation) and AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) communities, there is no reason not to give your imagination a chance when playing with LEGO [1].

King Black Dragon Runescape

At the heart of any build is a theme, and we’ve discussed some of our favorite ones – namely LEGO Castle – but there are no limits to what topics can be crafted with these tiny little blocks. Some of the most popular MOCs however, outside of expansive landscape scenes; behemoth scale builds; and core LEGO content are models of creatures, especially fantastical beasts and mystical creatures. Our own line of Digital Downloads inspired by Old School Runescape Monsters have been hugely popular and serve as a great stating point for those looking to recreate other characters from the game. This leads us to our first Tip:

1. Look For Inspiration! Starting with an idea is easiest when you have something to look at or hold for reference. Runescape has been a wellspring of inspiration for our creations, and other video games MOCs are always popular amongst the AFOL community. Years ago, Jagex even released a brick model of the King Black Dragon to select moderators and prize winners, some details of which can be found on the Runescape Wiki [3]. And for those looking for inspiration check out these photos of Jagex’s design below, shared on the Runescape Reddit.

2. Use Existing Resources! Clearly having a source of inspiration is helpful, but there are also great resources lists in digital and print form, some of which can even be found on our Website’s FAQ and Book Collection. We’ve taken the time to gather some other popular LEGO resources and explain them below for those looking to develop their general knowledge before starting any specific project [4]. Deciding how you plan to design your model, whether it with bricks, pens and paper, or computer software is more important than anything else, we recommend using a program like Lego Digital Design Studio.

3. Scale is Everything! Once you’ve settled on an idea and figured out how you plan to go about designing your creation, the next important consideration is scale! While this goes hand in hand with wether you have chosen a physical or digital approach to set design, knowing how big you want to make your monster, scene, or build is crucial [5]. There are a variety of different approaches, some that tend to work better for fantasy builds like the mini and micro scale; however fantasy and artistic dimensions are relatively flexible and choosing existing references like minifigures can be helpful in executing your vision!

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative! If recreation or replication isn’t your passion, you can always free build and work with the bricks as they come together [6]. This approach can give you experience with non-traditional LEGO sets like Technic. Sometimes, practical needs or basic utility can drive creation, and when fused with some fantastical inspiration can lead to fun projects. A great example of this is our Rune Coasters, which are a pragmatic and multi-material craft. Building with friends, checking out online and in person communities and exploring official LEGO are all rewarding ways to get creating.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice! The most important rule for making any artistic or creative work is practice! [7] While at first this can seem overwhelming, and exhausting especially when scale doesn’t come together or finding the right color brick seems impossible, but all these constraints can lead to amazing results. Not only does creating LEGO designs present an opportunity for artistic expression, but it brings the problem solving and mechanical aspects of brick building into the process which makes everything more exciting.

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