How to Create DIY LEGO Mosaics

How to Create DIY LEGO Mosaics

Of all the ways to utilize LEGO, one of the easiest and most rewarding is creating our own mosaics. Mosaics are pictures or patterns produced by arranging together small colored pieces, like LEGO bricks. As an art form MOSAICs have been around for centuries, and even in the realm of Gielnior they’ve made an appearance. At BrickEscape, we thought that the Mosaic style was a great way to preserve the iconic weapons, gear, and scenery of Runescape!

While most often LEGO mosaics are pictures, they can really vary. Some brickbuilders have recreated album covers, maps, and famous pieces of art. You can even order your own custom design with the LEGO Mosaic Maker! Runescape item and accessory sprites translate really well given the design synchronicity of pixelated graphics and building blocks. Because so much of our time in game is spent grinding for weapons and armour, our initial sets feature some of our favorites, including the classic Abyssal Whip and the fearsome Godswords


Because just about anything can be made into a Mosaic, with enough creativity and perseverance just about anything can be built with LEGO. And to help you with your design and development we recommend checking out a number of the softwares available. The most popular program being Pictobrick, which is relatively easy to learn and a great way to bring turn images into art. Check out this video below for a more comprehensive tutorial on how to make your own Mosaics!


And if you don’t know where to start, we recommend checking out any of our physical or digital designs. In our opinion, The Dragon Dagger P+ looks great above any desktop, and no gaming room is complete without one! 

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