Anniversary Reflections

Anniversary Reflections

It's hard to believe that a year has gone by since we opened up our online shop, but when grinding away at skills and playing with LEGO the time can fly by. This project started because a couple of us wanted to share our passions for the hobbies that defined our childhood, and is kept alive by a commitment to make gaming and play more accessible to all. Because we believe everyone should be able to have fun and enjoy games we have donated $100 to the AbleGamer’s Charity. AbleGamers does vital work to get people with disabilities into the game, fight the epidemic of social isolation, and create an accessible and inclusive gaming community.

As we mention on our Product Listings and FAQ, we donate one cent for every brick in every set sold. Because we are always trying to push ourselves to do more, we decided to pull back on marketing and advertising and make a larger contribution this year. As we prepare for another year of creating and sharing with our community we wanted to give you a heads up about what you might expect from us.

Most importantly to our fans is our decision to focus less on custom and smaller designs and shift towards bigger creations. This will look like complex and larger Monster Models as well as Mosaics of scenes, settings, and landscapes throughout the world of Gielenior. We will continue to offer existing Brickheadz offerings but will be shifting towards more intricate and nuanced MOCs. We do however, encourage interested customers to continue working with our creative partner – Dr.Brickheadz – to help bring your visions to life!

We hope you enjoy what we have planned for you and we look forward to playing together over the years to come. Please feel free to enjoy a nostalgia trip on our instagram page, @lego_osrs , as we look back on some of our favorite products and posts of the past year.

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